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"C'est également un génie de la Bourse."

Translation:That is also a genius of the Stock Exchange.

February 8, 2013



I'm getting the translation correct, but I don't actually understand this sentence. Can someone explain what this is supposed to mean, please?


Probably referring to these golden boys, traders and other securities experts working in the magnificent world of high finance markets...


which would suggest using he/she but not that


I agree. I feel "that" would be kind of pejorative.


hey elsewhere you said that Bourse wouldn't be capitalized in French unless it was referring to the building, are they referring to the building here?


"He is also a stock exchange genius." He knows how to play the stocks in a way that allows him to make a lot of money from them.


Could "that" be referring to some aspect of the Stock Exchange characterising it as "genius", rather than c'est referring to a person? Can génie be used for concepts as well as people?


If you say "c'est le génie de la Bastille", you will refer to the small figure at the top of a column on the Place de la Bastille, in Paris.

Otherwise, "un génie" is generally a human being.

"c'est un" instead of "il est un" is a rule: click here


Hmm, je dois avoir réalisé avec "c'est". Merci infiniment, Sitesurf. Alors, je n'aime pas that dans cette traduction.

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