"A buszok a repülőtéren nem állnak oda a repülőgépekhez."

Translation:The buses at the airport do not park by the airplanes.

October 7, 2016



The phrase "...not standing there to the airplanes" is confusing and has no clear meaning.

October 7, 2016


They do not pull up next to the airplanes. They do not go there. Yes, it is a bad translation.

October 7, 2016


I would say " The buses aren't standing next to the airplanes."

October 7, 2016


Next to is "mellett".

October 29, 2016


No meaning in English so we can't come up with the right translation

January 13, 2017


Does it mean something like the following? : Die Busse auf dem Flughafen parken nicht bei den Flugzeugen. The buses on the airport don't park by the airplanes.

May 6, 2017


The correct English translation uses the word ‘planes’. No one has used ‘airplane’ since the 1920s

January 21, 2018


---------- the airport buses don't park by the airplanes . . .

Big 17 mar 18

March 17, 2018


Will someone please retire the airplanes? They must be getting very old

August 21, 2018


I got "don't park to...which doesn't mean anything

September 23, 2018


So it's "park" now, not "pull over" or "pull up"? I wish i could report the whole exercise. Please, add some meaning to this.

January 4, 2019


This is another of those impossible questions unless you happen to guess what the computer wants or you've seen the answer and memorized it. I put, "the buses in the airport don't park at the aeroplanes." There is no difference in meaning. In the airport simply means an area where buses go which would be described as somewhere within the perimeter and the words "at" and "by" are interchangeable in this context. It's the most frustrating aspect of Duolingo but equally, (and I fully accept this), the one most likely to arise.

January 27, 2019


Now "planes" is no longer accepted for "airplanes"? These shifting standards are bizarre.

April 14, 2019
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