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"Το υποκείμενο και το αντικείμενο."

Translation:The subject and the object.

October 7, 2016



can someone tell me what υπο-κείμενο and αντι-κείμενο (if i splitted it up correctly) means (etymologically or literally)?

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Υποκείμενο is the passive participle of υπόκειμαι (υπό+κείμαι=under+stand) which means "sustain, subtend, be under the rule of, stand under" and αντικείμενο is the passive participle of αντίκειμαι (αντί+κείμαι=against+stand) which means "resist, be against something, correspond to" so υποκείμενο is the subject litteraly (etym: the thing that is under the rule of mind) and αντικείμενο the object (etym: the thing that stand against the mind and the sense ie is felt throught the senses)


Thanks a lot :)


And in Latin, the sub-ject seems to be that which was "thrown under" (like e-ject = throw out), while the ob-ject is something like "thrown against".

Those words are presumably calqued from the Greek.


Yes, i know - that was actually the reason, why i asked in the first place.


Ευχαριστώ πολύ για την εξήγηση!

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