February 13, 2014


Hi, I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean. How is it not working for you? Are you unable to practice your skills? Or something else?

hi, i cant learn or practice my skills thanks.

Hmm, have you tried changing your browser? This is probably the most accurate answer I can give. If it still doesn't work then it might be a internet problem or something wrong with your DuoLingo account. If it is a browser problem, then try clearing your history or cookies, something might be blocking your DuoLingo practices.

Also, did your DuoLingo work before? If it did, then try tracing back on anything that could've occurred.

There are some recorded issues if your internet is through a proxy or you are using satellite internet. It would be helpful if you could give some more details about the device you are using (computer, i-pad , android), and the internet connection.

by the way im using my computer

At my school, I've assisted the registration of 50+ students, but we're in China and constantly have internet issues. Is there a possibility to be placed on a different server or something to remedy the stagnancy we experience when trying to access the pages not loading, leading to hardly any progress for the students...if something different isn't done, my school may discard the idea of having the kids study duoLingo at lunchtime. Our MS/HS location at the school is called 'Triton House' hence the profile name.

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