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Hardware Colemak and the Ukrainian keyboard

This is a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping to avoid some duplication of effort. I have a clerical job that requires enough typing to cause a repetitive strain injury, which I resolved by switching to the Colemak keyboard layout both at home and at work. Since I do not have admin rights on the work PCs, I purchased keyboards which are hardwired to output the Colemak layout on PCs with the US keyboard layout installed -- So when I press the key that would be labelled S on a QWERTY keyboard, it outputs R

This, of course plays havoc with the Ukrainian keyboard layout. My knowledge of key positioning comes from seeing it on mobile, which is what comes out with a QWERTY keyboard with the Ukrainian language installed.

Depending on how early I get to work, I sometimes like to practice languages before my shift starts.

Does anyone know of any software which 1) outputs the correct Ukrainian keyboard layout when used with a hardware Colemak keyboard, and 2) can run on a Windows 7 PC without admin rights?

(Colemak layout looks like this: qwfpgjluy;[]\ arstdhneio' zxcvbkm,./ Numbers row is the same as QWERTY)

October 7, 2016

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You can by keyboard stickers to put on your keyboard :) Check ebay or amazon

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