"The big blue bird flies above the car, in which three politicians are sitting."

Translation:A nagy kék madár a fölé az autó fölé repül, amelyikben három politikus ül.

October 7, 2016

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While the sentences make sense, I don't understand the difference (if there is one), between fölé and fölött we had in previous lessons :-? For "above the car", why not use a simpler "az auto fölött" structure ? Is it correct as well or is the meaning actually different ; it not, why not ?


Edit : from what I understand, "fole" has a movement/direction meaning to it. "az auto folott" = the bird is already above the car, and it's flying. "a fole az auto fole" = the bird is flying towards the car / towards the space above the car. Something like that


Yes, exactly! "Fölé" - moving into place above. "Fölött" - already positioned above.
And to make the two sentences match, the comma should be dropped from the English sentence.

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