"There is no bank there, to where these tourists are going."

Translation:Ott nincs bank, ahova ezek a turisták mennek.

October 7, 2016

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Actually all three would be perfectly fine, with almost the same meaning. The word order slightly changes according to what do you want to stress, the first word being the focus of the speaker's message:

"Nincs bank ott" = "There's NO bank there" (as opposing to what you were told by others, that there is one) "Ott nincs bank" = "There isn't a bank THERE" (...but if you go the other way, you may find one) "Nincs ott bank" = "There ISN'T any bank there" (it might be a small village, where there aren't any other basic stuff either)

Nevertheless, these are such small chanes in focus it is correct to use them interchangably. But Hungarian speakers will instinctively put the stressed world in the beginning of the sentence.


I really thought I was going to get this one right. Can I say "Nincs bank ott, ahova ezek a turisták mennek"?


Unfortunately not. Only the word order "Ott nincs bank" works here.


Thanks. I wish I had a better grasp of Hungarian word order.


Actually, "Nincs bank ott... " is perfectly fine. It should be accepted.

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