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  5. "Το αγαπημένο της παραμύθι."

"Το αγαπημένο της παραμύθι."

Translation:Her favorite fairy tale.

October 7, 2016



I like that the word “fairy tale” is included in the skill Education.


"μύθος" = legend; fable; "παραμύθι" = fairy tale; "ιστορία" = story. Does this narrow it down somewhat?


Can you also say "Το αγαπημένο παραμύθ της" or the the one given the only way to say it?


"Her favorite story" ?


I have added "story" but "fairy tale" is more precise.


Το αγαπημένο, not very good audio.


Could "fairie tale" and/or "faerie tale" be included in the acceptable answers?


Well, I have found "faerie tale" in a dictionary ... but only one of the many I consulted ... so I'll add it. However, this spelling I cannot find. Please give us some more information about these words.


Thanks for this! 'Faerie' and 'fairie' are alternative versions of 'fairy'; I've provided links to them here from the world's most reputable source, Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/faerie https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fairie


This might be a question about English rather than Greek, but why is "Her favorite tale" not accepted as an answer?


Yes, thank you I"ve added "tale" as an alternative translation.


Ok, thanks a lot!


'Favourite fairytale' was rejected... this is no myth...


"favourite fairytale" is featured in a few of the correct translations. So, if your sentence was rejected it wasn't due to that phrase. There was something else that caused the rejection. Just giving us 2 words doesn't really help.

You should have made a REPORT.

TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028

https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936 If you have any questions just ask.

Please don't comment about rejected sentence unless you have first made a report.


Hi! I understand that we should make a report when we are certain that our version is correct and should have been accepted. But what about cases where we are not sure whether our version was correct or not? Should we still make a report in those cases, or first discuss the answer?


Yes, the report is really very important and so easy. Since we can't see your sentence nor the reply from the program showing the reason for the rejection. It will help point out any errors you have so we can discuss them and any errors we might have which need editing.

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