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How do I find a list of my vocab words?

I want to just go and look up a word I forgot on a list of words that I have learned. I feel like I saw a list somewhere but I can't find it now.

October 7, 2016



You can set you account to Spanish; open the words tab; open a different tab; switch to Ukrainian; then go back to the Spanish tab, switch to discussion, activity, or home; go back to Words; and it'll be in Ukrainian.

I assume the Words was eliminated from incubated courses b/c it was found not to be terribly useful or highly used; and Duo really wants to keep the interface uncluttered. But sometimes it is nice to have a look.



... waheeyyy. Guarani has a word list thanks to this trick ! nice one


I might add it to the Tips and Notes for you :) How far are you down the tree so I can go a few lessons ahead and behind


I am at Phrases and animals. I am learning in the English alphabet though.


Ok, I can add the word for the next few skills. Check at the bottom of the Tips and Notes section. I'm gonna have to write it in the Cyrillic script (so it isn't an inconvenience to most learners) P.s You should really try using the Cyrillic script it's good practise :D

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