"Scrivo il cognome della mia famiglia."

Translation:I write my family's surname.

February 8, 2013



Should it just be "I write my family name"? "My family's surname" sounds redundant...

May 20, 2015


If the rule is not to use definite articles with family relations but use it only in plural cases, why is it "della" (di+la) and not "scrivo il cognome di mia famiglia"? Is the word "famiglia" not counted as a relationship word?

February 8, 2013

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The "rule" has exceptions; for instance "mia madre" (my mother) has no article but "la mia mamma" (my mom) is preferred by dictionaries to "mia mamma", and "casa mia" (my home) is more common than "la mia casa". An interesting link is http://grammatica-italiana.dossier.net/grammatica-italiana-06.htm but it's in Italian so you'd need some translating :/

February 8, 2013


In this case, I would guess that la mia famiglia isn't necessarily an exception to the rule, as family is treated like a plural case (as family has multiple members)

June 6, 2013


But, if treating as plural, then wouldn't it be delle ?

June 7, 2013


Just like English, family can be many members, but it is singular. "My family IS nice", not "My family are nice"

July 13, 2013


Family surname? Odd choice, is that by chance for testing, or is this valid in Italian? His surname, alone in English works, no need for "family"

November 22, 2014


It accepted "i write my family's last name" which is much more natural to me than using surname.

December 22, 2014


But in some cultures the first name is the family name! And if a family name has more than one name, then it's a double-barrel surname!

February 26, 2019


I entered "I write my family surname," and it marked me wrong.

July 6, 2015


in English, we talk about the family name, not surname, since a family can't have a first name! "I'm defending the honour of my family's surname!" would be laughed out of court.

February 12, 2019


Family name used to be correct!!! Again - I'm not here to learn English!!!!

February 14, 2015


My suggestion was I write a surname of my family. An indefinite article before word surname seems ok for me and should be considered as a right translation even if there is a definite article in Italian :)Thank you :)

September 15, 2015


"I write my surname" should be right. "I write my family's surname" sounds very redundant to me

December 1, 2016


Cant it be translated: I write my family's last name

July 25, 2018


I am returning to a question posted five years ago, because I do not think it was answered. The sentence construction for 'I write my family's surname' is, in Italian: I write the surname OF my family. Therefore, what isn't the answer: Scrivo il congnome DI mia famiglia. The answer given by DL is: Scrivo il cognome DELLA mia famiglia. Doesn't della mean of the (di+la). The is not used in this sentence - it is a straight up of -- so what della not just di?

January 14, 2019


confused with this phrase,why della?

February 21, 2019


whats wrong with " i write the surname of my family"

May 23, 2019


I just wanted to say that I totally butchered that one and it gave it to me.

May 27, 2019
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