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Ukrainian: how do nicknames work?

My name is April, and my future MIL told me that my Ukrainian name is spelled Апріль. What would my nickname be? Just curious....

Growing up everyone called me Apey, and my nickname in Spanish (for Abril) is Abrilita.

My boyfriend Андрий (is this the correct Ukrainian spelling for Andrey?) said that his nickname is Андріко.

So would my nickname be Апрілка or Апрілька? or something else??

TIA! :)

(Btw I do know that the month of April is Квітня or Квітень. But I figure if a native speaker goes by a spelling closer to my actual name, that must be okay. lol.)

I'm just curious as to the general rule of thumb for nicknames in Ukrainian. I know all about Spanish but Ukrainian is brand new territory for me!!

October 8, 2016



In Ukrainian (and Polish), -ка is a sweeter version of something. If Romeo and Juliet were Ukrainian the Romeo would have called her "Джуліетка" (I assume). Also, if a stranger called you Апрілька (if I were you), I'd would be a bit disturbed unless you specifically said your name is "Апрілька ". Many names do have Ukrainian equivalents which you can use this site if you want to check for yours. Traditional and old (usually biblical) names usually have equivalents in Ukrainian. For example; Mary is Марія and my name, Daniel is Данило. April isn't what I'd call a traditional name and on top of that it's actually a French/English word. (I don't mean to offend you but it wouldn't fit into the translating categories). There are, however some rules such as l changing to ль (especially at the end) and i changing to і/и. I know it's a lot but if you lose all hope; Google translate can work sometimes. To be honest; it's a matter of opinion. Here are my suggestions: You can keep Englis pronunciation (Апріл or even Ейприл is you really want it that way), use the Ukrainian pronunciation (Апріль) and if you want an unusual (and cool) name to tell your Ukrainian friends and family (Квітень)


  • You can use English pronunciation ( (Апріл or even Ейприл is you really want it that way)
  • You can use Ukrainian pronunciation (Апріль)
  • If you can translate it (Квітень)

I hope I helped


Good info!! Дякую!!


Just by looking at the nicknames of Ukrainian female names

  • Катерина - Катруся, Катя, Катеринка
  • Віра - Віронька, Вірочка, Віруня, Віруся
  • Ганна - Ганночка, Ганя, Ганнуся, Ганнусенька, Нуся
  • Олена - Оленуся, Ленуся, Ляля

it seems that the soft consonants at the end and the diminutive suffix -ка is what makes them sound sweet. Of course, it dose not work all the time: Вірочка sounds sweet and Вірка sounds harsh/offending.

In your case, the last two consonants of Апріль are already softened, п is voiceless and does not sound harsh. Therefore, to me, Апріль (with the stress on і) sounds very soft, sweet, and elegant at the same time without any change.

Квітень sounds somewhat strange for a female name. Maybe because it is a masculine noun.

I would say that the closest to April name from that Wikipedia list is Аврелія (from Latin "aurea" - "golden"). One of its forms is Еля, which sounds pretty sweet too.


Ім’я та прізвища (та власні назви) не змінюються при перекладі на іншу мову згідно з правилами українського правопису. Якщо ім’я не слов’янського походження, то краще зберегти оригінальну назву, наприклад Ейпріл. Аналогу вашому імені в українській немає. На мою думку, перекладати ім’я April як "Квітень" - не зовсім гарно. Це ж не місяць року :)


I'm sure this is a great answer though my Ukrainian isn't quite up to this level yet. Дякую!!


There's no Апріль in Ukrainian. I would use Квітка or Квіточка (following April -> Квітень -> Квітка).

By the way, for your boyfriend's name correct words are Андрій / Андрійко.

Buena suerte!


Квітень is April, but квітка is a flower

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