"They drink water."

Translation:Αυτοί πίνουν νερό.

October 8, 2016

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Why include "Αυτοί "?


You don't have to but you can.

One reason for doing so would be to emphasise that they drink water.


Νερό doesn't have any sound for me... I can hear αυτί πίνουν clearly... Is there a bug in the system?


What I have found happens quite often is that when you click for the audio to play, it does not play the whole phrase, but if you click again, it does. This happened to me just now, when I checked the audio on this page. So,

Is there a bug in the system?

I think so. Duolingo is optimised for Google Chrome (I can't find the reference right now), so if you are running an up-to-date Chrome version, and there are no other reasons why audio may be malfunctioning (see the Help article My sound is not working - What can I do), please file a bug report here https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.


My keybord doesnt give the options for the accents on the top of letters whar do i do


If you have a Greek keyboard installed, the accents are often on the key next to the L (Λ) key - where the semicolon is on a US keyboard.

Press that (nothing will seem to happen), then type the vowel letter to get an accented vowel.


I have a Greek keyboard installed and there is no key to the left of λ. The popup does not offer the option of an accented key. No accents availabe anywhere.

[deactivated user]

    … and to the right of the L(Λ) key?


    If you hold the letter it offers an accented version...at least on my phone


    I typed in Aυτοι πιvουv vερο and the app tells me the correct answer is Aυτοι πιvουv vερο and takes me in a loop to do it over. The problem is not the accents since the app has accepted all other responses without accents.My response and the 'correct' response are exactly the same. How do I get past this loop?


    It seems after two days of trying the only way around this is to "test out" . Here we go!


    Couldnt test out. Stuck in a loop. ❤❤❤?


    May be a stupid question, but why αυτοί instead of αυτά?


    why αυτοί instead of αυτά?

    Because the speaker is talking about males or about a mixed male/female group.

    αυτοί is masculine plural, αυτά would be neuter plural.


    Thank you for clarifying! I wrongly assumed you would use the neuter form for mixed groups

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