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  5. "The street is dirty."

"The street is dirty."

Translation:Ο δρόμος είναι βρώμικος.

October 8, 2016



Almost correct! - η οδός είναι βρομική. I think the accent is misplaced.


Sorry. we had an error with the accent. I've corrected it now. Thank you very much for the notification.


βρώμικη (with the omega) was flagged as a typo.


We have the correct translations as ... Ο δρόμος είναι βρώμικός/βρόμικος/... as well as Η οδός είναι βρώμικη/βρόμικη. So, assuming you used "O οδός ....either βρώμική ή βρόμικη should have been accepted without comment.

Or did you use "Ο δρόμος...."? we have no way of knowing so you should give use complete sentences.


Sorry for the truncation. I had written, "Η οδός είναι βρώμικη."


That's an accepted translation, as far as I can see. Please make sure that there are no keyboard mixups or other typos in your answer next time you come across this sentence. If the problem remains, let us know.

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