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"Το χρώμα του βιβλίου είναι κίτρινο."

Translation:The color of the book is yellow.

October 8, 2016



On the first set, you give as another valid translation for το χρώμα του ελέφαντα είναι γκρι the elephant is gray. Shouldn't you give the same possibility here too?

[deactivated user]

    How would something like "The noun's color" be written, or in other words, how would "The book's color" be written? Would Το χρώμα του βιβλίου be correct?


    Yes, that would be correct. That's exactly how the structure works (considering that there is no difference between the noun's color and the color of the noun) and that's the best translation, "Το χρώμα του βιβλίου..." ^.^


    Κίτρινο is neuter because of χρώμα or βιβλίο (in nominative)?


    Κίτρινο is neuter, as you say, because of χρώμα.


    Chroma does not display its hint. cant read translation when stuck


    How could we say " The color of your book is yellow. " ?


    Is this correct "Το χρώμα του βιβλίου σου είναι κίτρινο."?

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    Still something wrong with the answer boxes for these sort of questions , was typing the answer , but , while checking mi spelling with the curser still in the answer box moved it slightly and came up with " the correct answer is " . Did not go anywhere outside answer box did not touch any button . Frustrating when you are trying to do thins correct .


    Could it be that you accidentally hit another button on your keyboard that submitted the answer?

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