"A polcokról poharak, tányérok, villák és kanalak esnek a földre."

Translation:Glasses, plates, forks and spoons fall from the shelves onto the floor.

October 8, 2016

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It's been at least 20 lessons since I last saw a fork, plate or spoon mentioned. I think this is an issue with the current version of the course; some words come up way too frequently (dare I mention kindergarten teachers? But also black cars, birds, children, firefighters and policemen, rivers, etc.) while others pop up a few times and then basically disappear altogether...


Föld = floor? I thought it is rather ground.


Föld is ground (or earth or dirt), but indoors it can be understood to mean the floor, too.


"...fall onto the floor from the shelves" not right? Sometimes I feel that more than paying attention to grammar I should toss a coin.


This speaker speaks very clearly.


-------- very unlike all the other hungarians you'll run into . . .

Big 22 may 20


A great example of how word order can be different in Hungarian and English.

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