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"Το κορίτσι παίζει πετοσφαίριση."

Translation:The girl plays volleyball.

October 8, 2016



I understand trying to teach the exact Greek word for "volleyball", but how come "βόλεϊ" wasn't preferred given it's the word most commonly used in an everyday setting? The only reason I can see is the many different spelling variations it suffers from, but I'm a native Greek speaker and still wasn't certain what "πετοσφαίριση" is.

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That's how! :) If the alternative translation is there, it's fine.


I see, I hadn't happened upon that conversation before, thanks for the answer and link :)


By the way ι, υ in a digraph have diaeresis/ διαλυτικά, τα ¨ if they are pronounced separately and diaeresis with accent/ διαλυτικά με τόνος ΅ only if the stress is on them: βόλεϊ but καΐκι/ caique


In everyday speech no one is using "πετοσφαίριση" instead of "βόλεϊ" unless they're talking about a volleyball federation or something formal like that.

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