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  5. "Είναι ο σκύλος του."

"Είναι ο σκύλος του."

Translation:It is his dog.

October 8, 2016



Agree with Giorgio182480 - I'm also hearing "είνο"


The voice merges "είναι ο" to "είνο". Is this correct?


Greeks can say Είν' ο σκύλος του, but the voice really doesn't. The αι is perfectly there.


I wrote "It is her dog" which was wrong. How do I know what gender the owner is?


Because it says του at the end and not της.


Ooohhhhhh...right. Here I was thinking the του had to correspond to the thing, not the owner (like δικοι). This lesson just made a whole lot more sense, thanks!


Original comment: The speaker elided the sentence so that it sounded to my ear like enosh + kylosh + tou. After listening to it again two years later (October 30, 2020): I hear it more succinctly. Additional thought: Grammatically, it's just like Italian: È il suo cane. But if you switch it to "the dog is his" in Italian the definite article is optional, either Il cane è il suo or Il cane è suo. Based on mizimano's comment, that the equivalent Gk would be Ο σκύλος είναι δικός του, "that dog is his," it seems Gk omits the article in that case whereas in Italian it is optional.


Well, that wouldn't make much sense, would it? :P

It might be because of the way the words are accented, as well as the way some vowels "clash". It sounds a bit weird, but not too weird. This is one of the problems with a Text-To-Speech program. There's always going to be a phrase/letter/syllable that doesn't sound completely natural. :/


I made a mistake and typed

ειναι ο σκυλος μου and was marked correct!


I hear the word mikro...


same comment...the voice is saying μικρον σκυλος

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