"The girl is eating the dessert."

Translation:Το κορίτσι τρώει το γλυκό.

October 8, 2016

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Since "dessert" has no direct translation into Greek some flexibility is needed here. Γλυκισμα should be acceptable.


It does have a direct translation: Επιδόρπιο.


Thank you troll995! After checking a current dictionary I see that it has taken on the meaning of what is eaten after the evening meal and now dessert. I have never seen it on a menu in the "tavernes" in Greece and never heard the word used among the common folk. Αρχική - Ριζική: δόρπον < αρχ. "απογευματινό φαγητό" Ετυμολογία: [ουδ. πληθ. του μτγν. ἐπιθ. ἐπιδόρπιος < ἐπί + δόρπον "βραδινό φαγητό"]


I know it's been months, but I'd say that the word is commonly used. As a native speaker I use it a lot.


Why is το κοριτσι φαει το γλυκο considered wrong?


φάει is aorist subjunctive -- used e.g. together with θα to form the future (θα φάει = she will eat) or together with να (e.g. θέλει να φάει = she wants to eat).

But it's not used on its own as in το κορίτσι φάει.


Thank you for the explanation

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