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  5. "I listen to songs."

"I listen to songs."

Translation:Oigo canciones.

February 8, 2013



Some verbs in Spanish have the whole concept built into the one word. Buscar = to look for. Busco zapatos. Mirar = to look at. Miramos el mar. Escuchar = to listen to. Escuchas mu'sica cla'sica.


Instead of remembering weird rules, like buscar=to look at, or mirar=to look at, or pedir=to ask for, or eschuchar=to listen to, think of English words that actually make more sense. Like buscar=to seek, mirar=to observe, pedir=to request, etc

[deactivated user]

    That REALLY helps, thank you!


    Buscar can mean to look for and it can simply mean to get it. There is no implication whether you know where it is or not. I too was surprised by the alternative that i took to mean hear like in English


    Which is a more natural sentence: "Oigo canciones" or "Escucho canciones"?


    Both are pretty natural I'd say.


    "Escucho canciones" is muuuuch more common than "Oigo canciones". The same happens in english: you can say "Im listening to a song", because you pay attention to it and you listen it because YOU want... or you can also say "Im hearing a song", because someone is playing or listening to it and you can also hear it.

    So it's the same in spanish. "Esucho la canción" = "I'm listening to" and "Oigo la canción" = "I hear the song".


    Thx for that explanation. I just wanted to ask if there is a difference between listen and hear in Spanish.


    why was i marked wrong for putting an "a" in between oigo and canciones for "i listen TO songs"??


    "Oigo" works more like "hear". You wouldn't say "I hear to songs". In Spanish "Oigo a canciones" is wrong.


    "Oigo LAS canciones" en español nativo latino.. está bien =) usamos ambas..


    Why is las needed


    Why is "escucho a canciones" wrong?


    Should be I hear songs. (possibly unintentionally)


    In Spanish, "oir" and "escuchar" are much closer in meaning than in English, and both can be used for "listen".


    Escuchar can normally be used to replace oír, especially in Latin America, but it isn't normally done the other way around, in fact, to use oír instead of escuchar meaning to listen is considered wrong.


    Why isn't 'Yo eschucho a canciones' correct? It said incorrect evidently because I included the 'a' for 'to'... The correct wording is apparently 'Yo eschucho canciones'.... ???


    I now think I understand....what it is really saying is I hear songs not I listen to songs....


    but the question here clearly states that the person is listening to the music not hearing so the answer must be escuchar not oir ...


    i put, me escuchar a canciones, why was this not accepted.


    Because that is not correct grammar. The Spanish word "me" means generally the same as English "me"; not "I", which would be "yo". The word "escuchar" is an infinitive, meaning "to listen to", and an infinitive can't be the main verb in the sentence. Thus "I listen to" is "yo escucho". The "a" isn't needed (you could think of it as the "to" being already included in the verb), so the correct sentence is "yo escucho canciónes". (or just "escucho canciónes")

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