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  5. "Yo estaba diciendo lo mismo."

"Yo estaba diciendo lo mismo."

Translation:I was saying the same.

February 8, 2013



can we also say "yo estuve diciendo lo mismo"?


You can. I was taught and have read that progressive tenses are to be used only when there a reason to point out that the action is being taken at a specific time, and that learners tend to overuse them.


I think most English speakers would say, "I was saying the same thing"


This is accepted now.


Perhaps, but wouldn't we have to use "la misma " in Spanish?


I get that you are saying "cosa is feminine" so shouldn't you use "la" as the feminine pronoun to replace "thing" IMHO this is an overly narrow view of what we are trying to do here. The Spanish sentences should reflect what is most often said in Spanish, and the English sentences should reflect what is said in English. We are not looking for literal translations. The reason LO is used in Spanish is not because the speaker is replacing something masculine. LO is used as a neuter sort of wildcard pronoun which frequently substitutes for an entire concept or something said previously.


Why lo again? That's just the way it is?


Why couldn't it be " I used to say the same " (marked wrong).


Because the presence of diciendo forces you into the -ing tense.


Could "I was saying the same to her" be correct?

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