"The hundredth kindergarten teacher is walking in front of the school."

Translation:A századik óvónő az iskola előtt sétál.

October 8, 2016



Wait so what’s ‘megy’ and why is it rejected?

October 8, 2016


Why would "A szazadik ovoda tanar gyaloglol a iskola elot" not be acceptable?

October 24, 2016


Gyalogol means sth. like "go on foot" in English Walking can be translated to "sétál = casual walking" or "jár =walking by foot (the foot is stressed out) And in Hungary kindergarden is "Óvóda" [lit. Sth like Caring place] Kindergarden teacher usually "óvónő" [lit. Caring woman] because there are few men (in case of man it is usually óvóbácsi but its kinda children slang)

November 7, 2016
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