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  5. "She eats bread."

"She eats bread."

Translation:Elle mange du pain.

February 8, 2013



why would you say "elle mange du hommes"????????


Because soylent green is delicious!!!


whats soylent green?? you do know what elle mange du hommes means


Soylent green was part of a film from the 70s. Basically, in a dystopian future where everyone eats some strange substance called "Soylent green" a guy tries to find out what is in it and discovers that "soylent green is people!!!"


well, what do you know? I just learned something. Thanks for that


Whoever works on the French section of DL seems to have very little understanding of the difference in English (and possibly in French) of being willing to eat something and actually eating some of that thing. Je mange la viande (i am willing to eat meat, I eat meat) vs je mange de la viande (I am eating some meat).


I thought "du" meant some? So you use "du" when you want to speak of something in general and not have to say 'the'?


As far as I remember (And it's been a little while since I've done much studying, so if anyone sees something wrong feel free to correct me!) du does refer to an indefinite noun. So if I were going to eat some bread in general (AKA "I am eating bread") it would be "Je mange du pain." However, if you were going to eat a specific piece of bread, say your family left a piece of bread and you're telling them you're eating it (AKA "I am eating the bread") you would use the le form, so "Je mange le pain."


why does mistake people for one more word?


I have tried "Elle mange du pain" n it's incorrect..

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