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Switching between courses

I am a German native Speaker. I started learning Spanish via English (I also started German via English for fun). Now I'd also like to improve my English skills via German. I noticed that I can not easily Switch between my courses. When I am in the "Spanish via English"-Course I can switch to "German via English" in the upper bar, but when I want to switch to "English via German" I have to go to my Settings-->Learning Language.. In my opinion, you should be able to Switch to all courses you have started.

February 13, 2014



I have the exact same situation and was wondering, if the devs of duolingo are working on making this easier.

Anyway, bumping this topic so it won't be forgotten!


I have made the same: I am a Portuguese native speaker and I've started French via English, but I'd like to try the English via Portuguese in order to improve my English. However, I was afraid of losing my French progress when changing my native language in the settings. Don't you lose your progress in the English->Spanish course when you start a German->English course? So I'm going to try it too =)


Great, thank you


I lost all my progresses and settings when I did!


I've got the same problem, and it seems the languages that appear on my profile appear by starting language. I'm learning Dutch and German via English, and Portuguese via Spanish. Dutch and German appear in the languages I'm learning only if I'm in English, and Portuguese appears only when I'm in Spanish. D::

It's a shame that a platform that's supposed to make you a polyglot can't handle polyglots!


same for me. plus: I started English -> French in the first place but in the meantime there is German -> French available. I'd like to transfer my progess into the new, native course but it doesn't seem to be possible.


Seems like duolingo didn't consider people that are already bilingual


Exactly!!! I'd like to switch from Spanish to French, since my native language is Spanish. I think it would be easier learning French from Spanish


Yes, especially since people are trying to do "reverse trees" after having finished one.


I really agree with this. Changing your interface language should be separate from changing your learning language. You should be able to have only one interface language at a time, but multiple learning languages (one for each course). I imagine that many people on Duolingo know more than one language fluently, and to assume that we'll only ever want to learn new languages through one language is unnecessarily limiting.


Same problem here, I'm a native speaker of Spanish and I use Duolingo to learn French and other languages via English, I happen to know English because I'm an English teacher, and since it's not my native tongue I think I should be able to add it to my profile as a language I've learnt.

Please Duolingo team, fix this! It's been years!


Bump. Got the same issue.


I have the same problem.


This was asked two years ago and still it's a pain to change languages, you guys are great but please we need this!


We all need this feature. s'il vous plait, ce serait vraiment plus simple.

ou au moins pouvoir avoir deux langues maternelles. et la langue du site dans les paramètres. cdt


I'm glad i'm not the only one with this issue....hopefully doulingo will fix this soon :)


Bump, problem is not fixed yet. I have different achievements on English and on Russian profile. Also switching between courses is still painful.


YES, I NEED THIS! I'm bilingual in French and English and go back and forth between lessons with a different source language. I'm in my English one right now, so only the Welsh appears.


Well, it just appeared so alleluia!


bumping this topic so it won't be forgotten!


Yes! Im a spanish native speaker learning german in english, but it would be a lot easier to switch to spanish quickly when practising my italian (since is easier for me to practice italian in spanish and german in english.)


Maybe there is a URL we can type to switch between courses, no?

For instance, something like [ duolingo.com/en/fr ] redirects me to the French course for english speakers, while [ duolingo.com/ja/en ] redirects me to the English course for Japanese speakers.

I tried extracting the URL from a course switching page, but to no use.


If Firefox or some other browser won't let you switch using bookmarks and javascript, try using plain HTML bookmarks:

  1. Create a new bookmark

  2. Give it the name "Spanish from English".

  3. Enter into the location: https://www.duolingo.com/es/en

  4. Save bookmark.

Now repeat the steps, only make the name "English from Spanish" and the URL https://www.duolingo.com/en/es

When you use the bookmarks to switch, you have to press the button "Switch to course" that you see on the page to enter.


Yeah, that's what I've been doing. The links can be found at the "Add a New course" gallery, just click the course you want, bookmark it and press "Switch to course". Kinda counter-intuitive, but it's the faster method I could come up with. (I'm on Windows 7, by the way, to answer your question above).


Here's a way to do it with bookmarks and javascript!

Let's say you are learning Spanish from English.

  1. Make a new bookmark

  2. Give it a useful name like "ES <- EN" or "Spanish from English"

  3. Copy the script you see here into the "Location" area.

  4. Save bookmark.

Now let's say you want English from Spanish

Repeat steps 1-3, only call it "EN <- ES" or "English from Spanish". Now in the script, change learning_language=es to learning_language=en, and change from_language=en to from_language=es .

Create as many bookmarks as you need for your desired courses, altering learning_language and from_language as necessary.

I would save all these bookmarks in a folder called "Duo Courses" or something like that. (These bookmarks work if you have your browser open to the Duolingo website. )

Hope this helps! :-)


This looks like a good workaround, but Firefox refuses to switch languages... I even tried within the same group (EN->FR to EN->ES), but no cigar. ):


Another workaround, of course, is to use a different browser, at least when you visit Duolingo. Pale Moon is an excellent choice. The javascript bookmarks definitely work there. SeaMonkey is also nice (and would suffice).


I double-checked my script in a test profile in Firefox. You are right; it doesn't appear to work! That is a surprise! Hmmm....

I can confirm that it works in SeaMonkey and Pale Moon (running on Linux).

Can you tell me what OS you are running? (Mac OS, Windows, Linux?)


i want it too


Please fix this, it's July 2016 and I still have to go through the settings to switch to "English Via Spanish" and I thought I lost all my progress… you don't lose it, but it's still a pain


Why this is still a thing? please enhance this!


Hard to believe, but after two years the problem is still here.

It seems to be really hard to implement it, though this feature is definitely required by many users.

Actually we are not asking for some new functionality - it does already exist and you can switch to other course now, but it must be simplified to single click action.


Thank you for the website. Find it helpful. But is it so difficult to make courses independent from interface language? Indeed! 3 years and 72 likes are very persuading arguments after all.


It's still like this.. I thought I lost all my progress. Thanks to this discussion I now know I didn't.


I know it's stupid but somehow it works for my case. Glad it could help you guys. I'm learning Spanish and Korean in English and English in Spanish. The way i switch between these languages is: I sign in my account in chrome. And via a browers, it's easier for you to switch. Then i use the app and do something to refresh it like go to the setting or something. If not, finish one lesson on the browser. Just try :-))


That is true, course switching sucks for now, but I'm sure they are working on a better solution. For now there is one easier way to switch courses than going into settings - click here


Thanks. OT: What does the heart besides "Give Lingot" mean?


It means that someone has given endios a lingot. The number to the right of the heart says how many lingots have been given.


Thank you, this will have to do for now.


IOS user, I really need this feature. Fluent in Italian, Polish native, fluent in English.

BUMP for one menu with all the lessons including different starting languages, in IOS and Android Apps!


The same problem for me. As I'm using the app and not a browser all about the bookmarks is not working for me. A solution would be to let the user set the user interface to his preferred language independent from the courses, if that is possible.


I can't believe it's been 5 years and they still didn't fix it.....

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