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"My mother discovers my sister does not eat dinner."

Translation:Mẹ tôi phát hiện chị tôi không ăn bữa tối.

October 8, 2016



Me toi phat hien ra em gai toi khong at toi. Sister can be chi em. Chi is bigger sister...


Mẹ tôi phát hiện em tôi không ăn bơi tối. I had a similar idea but in both cases we made mistakes with other words in the sentence. Tinwindesign:at instead of ăn and me: bơi instead of bưa. Maybe that's why it was marked wrong.


Why is the following translation not correct? "me cua toi phat hien em gai cua toi khong an bua toi" - is "em gai" okay, too?


Mẹ tôi biết được chị tôi không ăn tối


wow duolingo why you making me so emotional over here

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