"Ez a kicsi gyík átfut a folyón?"

Translation:Is this small lizard running across the river?

October 8, 2016

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Does this small lizard run across the river? Is better english, I think.


You can use it like this when you are surprised to see or hear that such a small lizard is capable of running across the river.


Not necessarily. It depends on what you're trying to convey.

Is this small lizard running across the river = a specific lizard is presently running and you ask to confirm this information.

Does this small lizard run across the river = can either be a specific lizard or a category of specific lizards (i.e. a species) and you want to know if the lizard has the ability to run across the river. It may or may not actually be running at the moment.

I may be wrong but as a native English speaker, if I were to hear these sentences, this is what I would interpret.


Could "is running" also be used? I reported it, but I am still quite unsure of my rudimentary Hungarian skills...


Gyik means a lot more than lizard, salamander or newt should also be accepted


Are lizards able to run across water?


Wonderful. Thanks.


Yes, if they find a bridge :)


:-) i wonder how many Hungarians use all those sentences during work or at home.

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