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  5. "Το καπέλο βρέχεται εύκολα."

"Το καπέλο βρέχεται εύκολα."

Translation:The hat gets wet easily.

October 8, 2016



'becomes wet' and 'gets wet' are to my opinion similar. 'becomes' is even closer to the passive tense used here.


Yes, thank you it's been included.


Does this sentence carry the "raining" meaning? Like "The hat gets rained on easily"?


Well, "βρέχεται" could just mean that the hat has come in contact with water (of a lake, of the sea etc), so it ended up getting wet. Also check out the first sentence in this link (ashes). "Βρέχομαι" cannot imply something like that.


Great, thanks, that's the type of explanation that I can count on you to give :) So in this case I guess the more primitive meaning is "[make something] wet", and the active voice has an extra idiomatic meaning of "to rain".


"Βρέχω"=to make something wet.

"Βρέχει"=It's raining/It rains

"Βρέχομαι"=to get wet

Hope this is helpful.

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