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Last night I was talking to two Vietnamese women... They asked if I had a girlfriend...I said "Yes..." They asked if my girlfriend was pretty.

I wanted to say "she is prettier"....meaning "Your friend is prettier"

"cô ấy đep hơn"

BUT it feels like this could mean "My girlfriend is...." or "Your friend here is...."

How do I differentiate?

October 9, 2016


What do you mean exactly? So you were trying to compliment one of the Vietnamese women? You mean to say something like "bạn của bạn đẹp hơn" (Your friend is prettier)? Cô ấy đep hơn means "she is prettier" when you can just replace the "cô ấy" with "bạn của" to make it sound better (at least in my opinion). Hopefully this helps!

Hi! You can make some hand gesture (but don't point fingers) to signal the girls that you are referring to one of them, and say: "Cô ấy đẹp hơn bạn gái tôi" (She is prettier than my girlfriend). Because comparisons should have more than 2 people involved. That should be clear. Hope this helps.

Probably she didnt understood because her friend was too young for cô (cô should be a person who by age could be your aunt, or either a person of higher rank, like your teacher).

What about "bạn của em đep hơn" ?

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