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  5. "The monk is listening to me."

"The monk is listening to me."

Translation:Nhà sư đang lắng nghe tôi.

October 9, 2016



Ok, we get hammered for not putting in 'cho' or 'với' with nói (well, I should say randomly hammered, as these aren't always enforced, without any explanation), so why isn't there a corresponding requirement that you have to include either 'cho' or 'với' when using 'lắng nghe'?

After all, saying and hearing are the two sides of a conversation.


I would also add that these are wrongly suggested in the hints. Again, hints are there to help you in a pinch, not to lead to you errors. Only a sadist would design the latter.


Does nhà work as a classifier? Is it wrong to say người nhà sư?


It's already a prefix equivalent to the English suffix -ist (e.g. nhà khoa học = scientist, nhà báo = journalist).


Spiritualist? Serenity specialist? Egotist?


"người nhà sư' marked wrong. Please fix.

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