"My friend has become a doctor."

Translation:Ο φίλος μου έχει γίνει γιατρός.

October 9, 2016

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έγινε κι έχει γίνει είναι το ίδιο!!


Thank you for your suggestion. I've added it to the Incubator.


I wrote 'η φίλη μου έγινε γιατρός' - why is this incorrect? The information I have found says that a female doctor is also 'γιατρός' so I would have thought one could say φίλος or φίλη !


It is very confusing to put an exercise in the simple past tense in a unit teaching the perfect tense. In English the sentences can have different meanings, eg "yesterday I became a doctor". "Now that I have become a doctor, I will work to cure the sick".


Should "has become" be "έχει γίνει" Ο φίλος μου έγινε γιατρός = My friend became a doctor I know its same meaning but just wanted to double check


Yes, and we are editing the incubator to reflect that. Sorry, that Simple Past was shown here...it should have shown..." Ο φίλος μου έχει γίνει γιατρός." or "Η φίλη μου έχει γίνει γιατρός". While they are basically the same there is a slight nuance which needs to be expressed.

Thanks for your contribution.


Thank you, it has been added. It should have been there from the beginning and I 'm glad you caught it.

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