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Conditional Tense [UK. GRAMMAR PORTAL]


Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken primarily in Western and Central Ukraine by 40 million people making it the third most spoken Slavic language by number of native speakers in the world!

If there is any words you don't understand please refer to the glossary

Also! Please make sure to read and understand this post before continuing!!!

About The Conditional Tense

After using the last three tenses; you'll be happy to know the conditional tense is super easy in Ukrainian! You only have to remember 3 things!

  1. Put it in the Past Tense
  2. If it ends in put the word би after it
  3. If it ends in -ла or -ло put the word б after it


  • Він мав би - He would have
  • Вона мала б - She would have
  • Воно мало б - It would have
  • Ми мали б - We would have

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October 9, 2016

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Many thanks for this, and all the work in these pages! What about “I would” do something.... I suppose that’s more of a conditional in the future? Is there a relatively simple pattern for this?

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