"Sei da sola?"

Translation:Are you alone?

February 8, 2013

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Why would this sentence not simply be "Sei sola?" What is the "da" for here?


The "da" in this case introduces an adverbial modus locution; simply put "sei sola?" is literally "are you alone?", "sei da sola" is literally "are you on your own?". Not much difference, really, so both are just fine.


Got it. Thanks for the great explanation!


Yes; but what is an adverbial modus locution? (From native English speaker.)


But DL translated sei da sola as "are you alone" which is opposite of what you said. So, why?


We're here for you!


Just curious. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No reason. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Creepy question.....


Make sure the front door is locked.


It was very difficult for me to make out what she was saying. Is anyone else having this problem, where occasionally the clarity is less than optimum?


That's being generous! I find the Italian TTS consistently underwhelming, garbled and choppy. Understanding where the stress is on a word is sometimes downright impossible.

Not that any TTS can really replace human speech, but there must be something better out there...


Really? Are you using headphones or ear buds in a quiet environment? (I use Sennheiser in-ear buds.) I find the Duo Ita audio absolutely outstandingly good. Each syllable unambiguous - if you have to go to the slow mode. You may note I have had plenty of practice listening to two other Duo languages. Italian is way the best, I find !


Agreed. It is much easier to understand using earphones over speakers


Yes. To me, it sounded like "Sei da solet".


Is" are you alone" : Siete da soli ?


It's one way of saying that:

Siete da soli? = Are you (more than one male or mixed male and female persons) alone?
Siete da sole? = Are you (more than one female) alone?
Sei da solo? = Are you (male) alone?
Sei da sola? = Are you (female) alone?


Not everything has to be full of innuendo. As a single parent, I sometimes get asked this- with the meaning- is it only you looking after the kids? It could be someone talking on the phone to their granny, and expressing concern. Overall, though, it's maybe a bit of a dramatic way to say it in English. It sounds like a spy story.


How do you know its a question? It slould be in pick up lines.


Sorry but no. You used the singular form "sola". You need a plural form for "we".

Are we alone? = Siamo da soli? (males or mixed genders) OR Siamo da sole? (females). Hope that helps.


Can this also mean "Are you single"? Or is there a different phrase for that?


Sei single? - Are you single? (for both men and women)

Siamo single adesso. - We're single now.


"Are you from the sun?" is the way i understood it first and

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