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"Τα βιβλία είναι από τις γυναίκες."

Translation:The books are from the women.

October 9, 2016



What's the difference between this sentence

Τα βιβλία είναι από τις γυναίκες

And this one

Τα βιβλία είναι των γυναικών


Τα βιβλία είναι από τις γυναίκες=The books are from the women (the women gave them to me, as opposed to something else that I was given by men, maybe), Τα βιβλία είναι των γυναικών=The book's are the women's (books) (the women own the books)


Can απο take the accusative or the genitive? Does it change the meaning if so?


What case is the article τις? I studied classic Greek many years ago and am a bit confused..


It's the acussative plural of the feminine article.


Whats the difference between τις and της


I think της is singular feminine genetive and τις is plural feminine accusative. Το βιβλίο της: her book. Βλέπω τις γυναίκες: I see the women.


Ich möchte in griechischem Alphabet schreiben


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i think there is a problem here bc duo says that the translation of the sentence is "the book are by the women" but on the comment u said that isnt by but from


This can be translated as either: "The books are from the women." or "The books are by the women." Careful, it is "books" not "book".


So does από express that the books were written by the women or given by the women?


That's what the sentence above your means. "from" would mean e.g. "the women gave us the books". Using "by" means, "they wrote the books".

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