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"Én nem költözöm be a házba e mellé a fiú mellé."

Translation:I am not moving into the house next to this boy.

October 9, 2016



Why is it 'this boy'and not 'the boy'?


Because of that one-letter word e in the sentence. It's a shortened version of ez which occurs before postpositions that begin with a consonant. (Off the top of my head I'm not absolutely sure whether that's true for every postposition that begins with a consonant or only certain ones, but I think it's all of them).

a fiú - the boy
a fiú mellé - (to) beside the boy
ez a fiú - this boy
e mellé a fiú mellé - (to) beside this boy.

It's similar to

a fiú alatt - below the boy
ez alatt a fiú alatt - below this boy

just with e instead of ez for phonetic reasons.


I am not would be a better option than I don't. As I understand "Én nem (csinálok valamit)" is more than an indication of something you aren't doing, but a more wilful refusal to do something.


Yes, "am not" or "will not" would be better. And it should be "into" or possibly "in to" rather than just "in".

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Changed, now the English translation is I am not moving into the house next to this boy.


I do not move in the house next to this boy.Is this really wrong?Why?Another hunglish sentence?

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