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"Ο δικηγόρος και η γραμματέας του."

Translation:The lawyer and his secretary.

October 9, 2016



γραμματέας masc. and fem. forms are the same? ο / η γραμματέας are both correct?


I want to know this too

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Yes, it happens with other nouns , ο/η δικηγόρος lawyer, ο σύζυγος husband , η σύζυγος wife.


This seems to have happened in the 80s where both are correct. Zoe Karrelis' book "Η άνθρωπος". Ο συζυγός και η συζυγός. My question is are they declined the same only with a feminine article?


Could this also mean 'His lawyer and (his) secretary"?

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It says..."The lawyer ...." which would not change.

"and his secretary." "και η γραμματέας του." του means his. so it wouldn't change

However, let's get some things on the table. We are not in any way, shape, or manner indicating that men and women are not equal. Or that men can do jobs that women cannot do. We make every effort to give a balance of both in our exercises.

If we forget something let us know.


Thanks, but I think I might have not posed my question right. My question was purely of a linguistic variety since "Ο δικηγόρος και η γραμματέας του." has του in the end, I was wondering can the του modify the entire phrase, or does it strictly just modify the last part.

Maybe with an example I can explain my question better

Bob works at a law firm. He has both a lawyer and a secretary

John works at a competing law firm, he is a lawyer there and he has a secretary

is this phrase Ο δικηγόρος και η γραμματέας του, usable if i want to mention both employees of Bob. or does it only work if i want to mention John and his secretary and would Bob's employees only be something like "Ο δικηγόρος του και η γραμματέας του." or "Ο δικηγόρος και γραμματέας του."

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Ok, sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion, we get so many comments about equality that I was feeling defensive. Not that anything you wrote implied that.

Yes, if "the lawyer and the secretary" are both Bob's then you could use the whole phrase to express that.

Thanks for such a careful explanation, and again sorry for my abrupt reply.


While accepting that many occupational nouns in Greek often use the male form, with female article where appropriate, it would be nice to also see 'The (male) lawyer and his (male) secretary', or 'the (female) lawyer and her (male) secretary'.

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We have tried to do exactly that. We have both genders represented. I'm sure you'll come across them as you progress and the new tree will be even more balanced.


I've still found some lessons that will not accept the female version even when it is a legitimate response. I have tried to verify that the issue is not on my end and then report instances where this occurs. This often seems to occur in professions that are highly gender unbalanced, e.g. only accepting ο εργάτης for "the worker" and not η εργάτρια Thank you for your commitment to gender neutrality and I look forward to seeing more balance in the new tree!

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For this sentence, for example, we have both "ο δικηγόρος" and "η δικηγόρος" as well as "η γραμματέας" and "o γραμματέας".

Αh, yes now I see your report for "Η εργάτρια" and have added it. I'll go through all the professions to be sure they are all correct. Thanks for the notification.

Please make it a point to inform us every time you Report something so we can go to it immediately otherwise we may miss it.

I think you might like this link prepared by the team:

A Rough Guide for Forming Feminine Job Nouns in Greek https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27388121


my + "...ο γραμματεας του" was rejected

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That's odd since both "η' and "ο" have been in the incubator from the beginning. Oh, let me ask: was this on the Tree, or Strengthen skill, or test out. It will help if you let us know.


"Ο δικηγόρος και ο γραμματέας του¨...

You used the wrong word.

Ο δικηγόρος και η γραμματέας του.

Meaning: The lawyer and his secretary.

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A "secretary" can be male or female all that changes is the article unless there is something else that is incorrect. Please let us know; we take care to have the course correct.


Ο δικηγόρος και η γραμματέας του = Perry Mason and Della Street ;)


Why not "his lawyer and his secretary " ?

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It doesn't say "his lawyer and his secretary," it says "The lawyer and his secretary." Have a look at the top of this page.

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