"È già quasi notte."

Translation:It is already almost night.

February 8, 2013

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It's absolutely already almost and approximately approaching night


But not quite!!!


That is nearly almost a stupid sentence!


LOL, same answer I wrote... Weirdest sentence I have read here among others....


"It is almost night already" makes more sense than "It is already almost night". The former just seems cleaner while the latter seems redundant.


Perfect!!! The way you re-arranged the sentence. Thanks.


Perfect!!! The way you re-arran ged the sentence. Thanks.


English speakers would never use the phrase "It is already almost night". Would Italians use the phrase "È già quasi notte" or just shortened versions: "È quasi notte" or "È già notte"?


"Già quasi" contains the idea of "right about to be". In English the proximity expressed by "almost" should be enough.

Even though "già" by iself means "already" and "quasi" means "almost" these two words put together "già quasi" do not have (apparently) an English pair that can match the idea that they contain.

They together tell you "it is (already) the closest to" or "you are already at the closest point you can be before.....".

ah English does have a pair of words "very most". "It is very most ninght" does not sound right either.

On the other hand, that "già" (adverb) seems to be modifying the sentence not the adverb "almost". "It is almost night already".

If everybody here agrees that we have reached the point where our skulls are almost broken trying to decipher this sentence then...

"Our skulls are already almost broken"

In conclusion the sentence "it is already almost night" seems to be correct but the adverb "already" should have been placed at the end to avoid the confusing.


I wrote simply "almost". I can't see the need of "already" in English


I give up...I have been at it for hours, and got no where..I get to the last question and they say I have run out of time


Focus on learning, not winning. As long as you learned something you didn't walk away empty handed.


so do it without a timer!


"It is almost the night" who would say: it is -already- almost the night!? please!


"It's already almost night (dark) and you need to see where you're walking...so please take a flashlight!"♡


No body in the U.S. that's for sure...at least not if they knew proper grammar! LOL!


I certainly agree with that. Say this in a conversation if you want to hear a sudden silence with everyone looking at you.


This is very strange English - no one would say this!


Is it truly really already almost night, though rather perhaps?


'already almost' - what language is it???


What is the meaning of this sentence???


For example, you and I are discussing what we're going to do tonight, and your suggestion of taking the ladies out is going to take several hours of preparation on our part ... perhaps we need to pick up our nice evening attire from the cleaners, take showers, get dressed up, etc, ... and then, still while discussing what we are going to do tonight, I say to you, 'It is already almost night' ... To me it means 'we barely have enough time to prepare for what we are planning this evening.' At least that's one context where this could apply.


Bit of an oxymoron


Paradox. Oxymoron is an example of a paradox.


why is "it is nearly midnight" not correct ?


because that would have to be mezzonotte...and not just notte


I guess it will make more sense if it is said by a person in Medieval or Renaissance times. Less night life back then and most went home called it a day before sunset.


haha already almost :D


the night speaks...just listen


I'd use this as a sentence, might even stick another 'already' on the end for emphesis, eg wishing everyone to hurry up and get ready for a night out 'Its already almost night already!' Like a long winded 'hurry up!' Or if it's getting late and you're camping but haven't pitched a tent yet, this sentence would definitly apply.


If 'dark' is an option for notte, along with 'night' why is "it's already almost dark" considered wrong? Would I use notte as dark to say, "It's dark out" (E notte fuori)?


While I try to be understanding about the redundancies in Italian, please someone tell the teachers that almost and already almost is an affront to anyone with a brain. Just as, as of yet, instead of now are dumb in English.


I believe a more accurate translation would be it already dusk, (the state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight).


that expression does not exist in english. they say. It's like saying "almost never" instead of "hardly ever"


I am thinking, if duolingo is the right for me to learn, becsuse they make a many mistakes in translation.


Noone says it so in rnglish


DL, very wordy sentence...."already almost" non sense.....


Not a good sentence. Doesn't make sense. Is it an Italian form?


It's called twilight or evening not "almost night" and should be translated as such. Duo is the best and with our input is getting better.


already almost already ready

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