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"A bíró egy nagy asztal mögött ül egy széken."

Translation:The judge is sitting on a chair behind a big table.

October 9, 2016



Just to let people know, I just completed this section. It took 96 questions and well over an hour, often because of mistakes or simple issues with synonyms in my answers. This beta process is starting to get to me.


Igazi magyar hős lesz belőled.


Is "The judge behind the big table sits on a chair" correct? I just went sort of word for word.


Not precisely. The way the Hungarian sentence is written, egy nagy asztal mögött doesn't refer to the judge; it's describing where the action takes place.

Your English sentence is using the phrase "behind the big table" to qualify which judge you're talking about.


I suspected something like that, but I hoped I was wrong. Thank you.


Why is A bíro ül egy nagy asztal mögött egy széken wrong?


To say he sits or he is sitting is fine. Get really anoyed when this stuff gets flagged as wrong


Can anyone comment on the word order here? Why does "egy nagy asztal mögött" come before the verb and "egy széken" comes after it?


I can't use "desk" for "table" here?

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