Is there any other way to make it easier? All the other languages are fun, but Greek is hard

October 9, 2016


Have you taken a look at to see whether a Greek alphabet course is offered? If so, it may provide the information you need to learn the alphabet. Good luck!
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We don't want it to be hard and that's why we ask learners to make suggestions to help us improve the course. Since you are new let me suggest you have a look at the forums created fro the course->here.
Here you'll find resources, how to get the Greek keyboard and more.

Each unit has a Tips&Notes section which you'll find on the top left of each page.

And last but not at all least we the contributors and Mods are here ready to help in any way we can. So, don't hesitate to call on us. Best wishes and enjoy.

I just think of it as sort of a different font with a few new characters. The capital letters are much easier to identify than the lowercase (ΑΒΕΖΗΙΚΜΝΟΤ vs. αβεζηικμνοτ), but both are easy enough to learn with practice.

I would recommend writing them (look up Greek script, don't try to write all of them in full detail as they appear in print) in both lowercase and uppercase, for a page a day until you get used to them. Another easy way is to type English words with the Greek alphabet (easiest if you have an actual Greek keyboard installed rather than using a virtual keyboard etc.). For example: Ηερε ις σομε Ενγλιση ιν τηε Γρεεκ Αλπηαβετ. Just remember that the "w" key is ending sigma, not a w, and there are some other letters that don't match up such as c = ψ (psi) and u = θ (theta). Overall, however, it should help, but remember too that η/Η is NOT an 'h' but a vowel, so don't expect to pronounce them all the same as you would their Latin counterparts.

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