"You do not know enough."

Translation:Nem tudsz eleget.

October 9, 2016

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Should ismersz be accepted in place of tudsz, or is that a different kind of knowing? If ismersz is not accepted, why is it the form of know that is offered when the word "know" is moused over?


"Ismerni" is "to be familiar with" or to know of, etc.

Do you know this man? - Ismered ezt a férfit?

So, it is one ofthe meanings of "to know", but not necesarily the right one here.


What if you don't know enough people to get in somehwere?


Then you can try to tip the bouncer, or go to another place. And start building new friendships! :)
Yes, in context, that would also be possible.

"Hány embert ismersz?" - How many people do you know?
"Harminchetet." - Thirty-seven.
"Nem ismersz eleget." - You do not know enough (people).


Can someone explain the eleg/eleget and the other one (elegetno?)


"Elég" is "enough".
"Eleget" is the accusative of "elég".
And "elegetno"? I have no idea what that is. :)


Why is the word order incorrect here: "Eleget nem tudsz"?


It emphasizes the enough, not the knowing (or in this case, lack thereof).


"nem tudod eleget'' is not correct ?


No, it is not. "Tudod" would need a definite article for sure. And the sentence would be even worse then.
It would sound like saying "You do not know the enough."


thanks ! this is what i thought actually but sometimes i hear people saying things like "aszt nem tudom" as a full sentence, with no definite article. that is a bit confusing..


Well, "aszt" is actually "azt", and it is the accusative of the demonstrative "az" - "that". So they are saying "That I don't know" ("I don't know that"), which does not need a definite article at all, right? You wouldn't say "I don't know the that."
The demonstrative is a stand-in for a "the+noun".


köszönöm ! all clear to me !


Why is 'nem tudsz elég' wrong?


I think the intention here was to use a transitive verb (know) and kinda suggest that "enough" is the direct object of it and therefore it should be accusative. But actually "eleget" has adverbial uses as well, just like "enough", so {verb}+enough tends to translate as {verb}+eleget(/eléggé but that's another story with a slightly different meaning).


Oh my poor little brain cell ... faj az agyom? That's probably wrong too


Fáj az agyam!

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