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"There is something under the window."

Translation:Có cái gì đó ở dưới cửa sổ.

October 9, 2016



Why is "ở dưới cái cửa sổ" incorrect?


I think có gì đó ở dưới cửa sổ is correct


Another word-for-word answer I wrote correctly, marked wrong. I'm making screenshots for all the good it will do.


...cái cửa sổ is marked wrong. Isn't this a specific window?


I think the “there” evoked by ‘dó’ is unrelated to the expression “there is”, but is an indicator of position, as in “There is something there under the window.” Would it not be “Co cái gì nay...” to say “There is something here...”? If so, the English should have the second there to make it clear. If you weren’t wanting to insist on the location, could you not just say “Có cái gì o duói cua sô”? (Sorry for having axed the accents!)

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