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  5. "Το ψυγείο είναι ανοιχτό."

"Το ψυγείο είναι ανοιχτό."

Translation:The fridge is open.

October 9, 2016



Refrigerator still marked as wrong Feb 2107


Thank you for the input. As you will see above this is out of our hands the team creates and maintains the course but some areas are administered directly by the Duobot. It would help if you reported it next time in the "Report a problem" option on the exercise page which goes directly to Duo.

I will of course report it again from here.


I got it wrong too - refrigerator vs fridge (Feb 16, 2017).


Thank you for the report which we are adding to the list. We hope Duo will be able to fix this soon.


Why is she accenting the first syllable of "open" when the last syllable has the accent?


"She" is a computer-generated voice. Yes, the accent is on the last syllable. Try this with native Greek speakers for a clearing sound.



The "refrigerator" is accepted today.


What is the etymology of the word ψυγείο?


"Ψύξη" is the process of lowering the temperature of the environment. "Ψυγείο" is the tool that gives us a limited space and the mechanism of temperature control within it, at a level below that of the environment. When temperatures, within this confined space, fall below 0°C or 32°f then we are talking about "Κατάψυξη" and the tool is called "Καταψύκτης".

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