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  5. "Does 'na ddim byd yma."

"Does 'na ddim byd yma."

Translation:There is nothing here.

October 9, 2016



What function does the ’na serve here?


It is optional. If you do use it you must mutate the word which follows. Easy option, then... don't use it !


May be an influence of English, which uses "there" in such sentences.


hmm, that's interesting. :)


I'm assuming the " 'na " is yna? It's a strange construction if so. Can someone confirm or deny if it is a shortened 'yna' ?


Yes, it is a contraction of "yna"


How does it have yna and yma in the same sentence? What does the 'na add ?


How does it have yna and yma in the same sentence? What does the 'na add ?

Compare the English sentence: "There is nothing here".

It has both a "there" in it and a "here".

The word "there" has no literal meaning; "there is" merely indicates the existence of something but not its location -- the location is specified by the word "here".

The Welsh construction seems to work similarly, with (d)oes 'na for talking about the (non-)existence and yma specifying the location where the thing exists (or does not exist).


This theory does not really hold for me given that in every other case 'Oes' and 'Does', on their own, are assumed to include the 'there' where appropriate to the English rendering?


As other comments have mentioned, the 'na is optional and may be present due to English influence. Indeed "Does dim byd yma" would be an identical translation.

Colloquial constructions may often use some 'interesting' grammar, but it works :)


Hmmm ... I guess :-)

Thank you


I was marked 'Wrong' for leaving the 'na out in one exercise.


Unless you say which type of question it was and exactly what your complete answer was, there is no way to tell what the problem might have been.


Does ‘na ddim byd yma. I left off the ‘na and was marked wrong. I know it should be dim and not ddim, but that is usually scored as a typo.

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