Swedish Discord group!

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Hello fellow Swedish-lovers!

We have made a Discord group for practising Swedish! We're planning on having weekly Swedish calls as well and just generally have a good time ^^, We really need some natives to help us out too!

Join us!

Invite link:

2 years ago


I know its an alternative to Skype (Which is very popular) but there is a Duolingo Swedish chat group on Skype. We currently have 65+ members. So if you would like to help grow our chat further, and organise calls feel free to join :).

We also have a native speaker and a couple who are fluent, who if online will usually correct any mistakes or questions you may have.

Join Here:

1 year ago

Discord has a lot more flexibilty and options. Also Skype is owned by Microsoft. :P

1 year ago
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I would really like to join it. Could you send a link or something?

1 year ago
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