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Brick Wall after 2nd Keyhole

Does anyone else find the number of lessons in the units "V. Pres. 2", "Adject. 1" and "Adverbs" discouraging, especially as you have to study these three units one after the other?

Aligned like that, with 13, 16 and 12 lessons respectively, it feels like a brick wall to me. It doesn't help that many of the verbs are not particularly practical for a beginner.

In languages other than Spanish, these lessons were kept smaller: Italian has 7 - 9 - 10 and Portuguese 10 - 10 - 10. I would generally recommend a maximum of 10 lessons per unit, anything more than that gets really tedious, the sense of progress gets lost.

February 8, 2013



Agreed! We will fix this in the next iteration of the tree.


Yes, I very much agree.

In fact I'm pretty much stuck at this brick wall right now even though I have passed those 3 particular units, I'm finding that due to the sheer number of words they introduced, and not having learnt them all fully, further progress is becoming very difficult. So I've had to go back to fully learn all of the verbs, adjectives and adverbs they introduced.

Those three units really need to be split down into two units each, to make a total of 6 units, 3 at that stage and 3 more later on.


"Brick Wall" is a very good description of these lessons ^^ They slowed my overall pace and thus had a demotivating effect.


I agree as well. But even though I overcame this wall, I still feel like all (or at least a lot of) skills after this wall have this crazy amount of lessons. I'm really disencouraged because I'm afraid of what is coming next. I would really appreciate the possibility of seeing how many lessons are contained in each skill even though I haven't unlocked them yet so I could adjust myself to it.


I've given up and have found other places online to learn. They explain more and are easier.

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