Mnemonics for all the verbs from V: Pres. 1

So, when I reached V: Pres. 1, I really thought of giving up. But then I thought of creating a list of all these verbs and some funny mnemonics for them. Here is the list (there are some slangs, but I think it can be helpful^^). Words in bold are the meaning of the verb, and the ones in italic are sound mnemonics.

Bailím: I gather the balls in the backyard.

Brisim: I break the bricks on the bridge.

Cloisim: I hear the clock very close.

Codlaím: I sleep by the very cold column.

Déanaim: I’ll make jam for dinner.

Deir: I dare you to say Jerry.

Éistim: I always listen to my self-esteem.

Faighim: I’ll go get a fine fire.

Feicim: I can’t see these fecking feckels.

Freagraim: I can’t answer to you when you’re wearing this freaking fragrance.

Imríom: Before we “play”, I make him rim me.

Insím: Don’t tell my ancient shin about the shimmer.

Íocaim: Is it illegal to pay for an eekum service?

Oibrím: I can’t go to work with this huge eyebrimple.

Osclaím: Can I open this present, which is obviously an Osklen shirt, ‘cause you’re so damn predictable, why am I still dating you anyway?

Ritheann: Rihanna loves to run around her reehee lover.

Scríobhaim: Man... script, scription, scripture, subscribe... I don’t need to write it all here, right?

Siúlaim: I’d love to have a walk with that shool shooler!

Snáimhaim: That girl’s swimming is so weird and funny that I snoveled myself all over the snow.

Tagaim: I came with the “Guten Tag” tag on my dagger.

Taitním: I’ll get my tan with this shining sun.

Téim: Gotta go tame these pokémons with my Pokémon GO.

Tógaim: You win the toe game! Take this huge amount of money!

Tugaim: You’re too gay, man, give up!

Úsádim: C’mon... use, usage, using... you don’t need to use mnemonics for this one.

Hope it helps^^

2 years ago


''I make him rim me''. Lol

2 years ago
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I didn't really use English mnemonics for most of these - if you learn them you'll be translating from English until you unlearn them again - but I had enough trouble with téann and tagann that I reminded myself that tagann ≈ tagging (along). FWIW.

2 years ago
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