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  5. "She no longer has bread."

"She no longer has bread."

Translation:Elle n'a plus de pain.

February 8, 2013



I looked up several translators after I was marked incorrect for using "du pain" and they all translate this as "Elle n'a plus du pain." not "de pain". Now I'm confused.


"plus de", "moins de", "autant de" are all constructed with "de" and not "de+ article"


Thanks, I had this issue too.


In a negative sentence, the articles "le" and "les" disappear to be replaced by "de". The expression pas de usually means "any" or "not" :Nous ne voulons pas de pain ("We don't want any bread"), Je n'ai pas de fourchette ("I don't have a fork"). I hope this could help you.


Why is it the case that you are not supposed to use "pas" before "plus"?


"ne... pas - ne... plus - ne... jamais" are alternative in simple negative sentences.

If you come across "pas plus" there will be a comparison in the sentence:

elle n'a pas plus de pain que de vin = she does not have more bread than wine


How to tell if you need to write 'ne..pas', ne..' or 'pas'


I believe the translation is wrong because the English says: "no longer" in stead of "she hasn't more bread."The first situation would mean that she first had bread but now no longer. In the last situation it would mean that all the bread has been eaten and the translation would be "Elle n'a plus de pain." In the first it would be :" "elle n'a plus du pain." Sitesruf?


I understand your concern. For a change, the French is simpler: the same "ne...plus" works for both "no... longer" and "no... more".

To enable "elle n'a plus DU pain" (no more OF THE bread...) you would need to add a relative clause:

"elle n'a plus du pain qu'elle a acheté"


great, thanks!


please be a facebook friend of mine ! thank you all the answers


Your are doing a great job Sitesurf. Thank you very much!


Elle n'a du pain plus. Does this have a meaning in French?


No meaning at all.

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