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  5. "Αυτός πηγαίνει στη φάρμα."

"Αυτός πηγαίνει στη φάρμα."

Translation:He goes to the farm.

October 10, 2016



αγρόκτηματα is what my cousins call their farms outside of Sparta. I thought that φαρμα was another made up Greek word by greek-αmericans

Am I wrong or is this an actual Greek word?


The word "farm" is directly transfered to greek as "φάρμα" with an "α" to make sound greekish. το αγρόκτημα is the older one and more traditional or greek word. It has almost the same meaning. To that i have to add that George's Orwels "Animal Farm" is traslated as "Η Φάρμα των Ζωών" because it translated from English thus the meaning is closer the original. So if you want to translate "farm" from english to greek "φάρμα" is the safest bet.

Φάρμα is adopted. ;)



my question was a bit rhetorical. i am befuddled by the use of the "greekish" words


Don't be :) It is always more "classy" to speak with only Greek words not imported. but in my opinion there are words that you should take the step back and go with the imported one if you don't want to sound outdated like: Μπάσκετ vs καλαθοσφαίρηση


great word....... when i was a student in Athens millions of years ago we would actually make up compound words for fun. I like καλαθοσφαίρηση but some uneducated greek natives might not understand that......... there is always καλαθι :D


I believe most (if not all) native Greeks know the word καλαθοσφαίριση, it is just too formal for everyday use. It is used in appropriate contexts, though, such as in the timetable of a sports event. Furthermore, καλάθι means basket, but μπάσκετ and not καλάθι is used for basketball (what a mess!).

Regarding the first post, το αγρόκτημα, τα αγροκτήματα (the accent moves in the plural so as to not be more that two syllables away from the last syllable).

Do you happen to remember any of those compound words you used to make up? It might be fun!

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