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Searching for Greek movies with subtitles.

Last week I occasionally watched in cinema "Τέλος εποχής" by Αντώνης Κόκκινος and liked it very much. For the next days I tried to find in web this film with Greek subtitles (the screening in cinema was with my native language subtitles), but without any success. Moreover, I noticed that it is not easy even to find Greek movies with english subtitles. So, could anybody be so kind and share any sources, where one can watch artworks of Greek cinematography with Greek or English subtitles?

P.S. In Duolingo discussion thread I didn't find any similar theme.

October 10, 2016



Hi!!! Unfortunately, I didn't find many Greek movies with English subtitles. I searched it on Youtube and I found the following:

I didn't find any recent Greek movie with subtitles on Youtube :(


Here is a really nice, recent movie (2016) with english, french and greek sbtitles.. Έτερος Εγώ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3zho2aV2bs ( Info Here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5221894/ )


Sorry about that :/ I got hacked.


Sorry to hear that! Is your account ok now?


Ah yes don't worry :)


This is a site that has a list of many (mostly old) Greek movies.


So you can start with that, and maybe, you'll find english subtitles for some of them...

The only problem is that the site is in Greek, so depending on your level in Greek, you might find it difficult to navigate in it.

What I sent you is only the first page. There are many many more.


I see this forum is now quite old - but I have also been specifically looking for Greek movies (or movies spoken in Greek) with GREEK subtitles, as that seems like the best way to learn - I can't understand enough just with spoken Greek, but with the subtitles, it would be easier.

So I don't know if in the meantime anybody has found any online outlet which offers Greek subtitles - if so please post!

The film mentioned by goulidio (Έτερος εγώ) appears on YouTube with an option for Greek subtitles - but then the subtitles don't play (at any rate on my browser), which is frustrating. I have also been trying to find a film which will work with YouTube's automatically generated subtitles, but also without success.


Not exactly what you're asking for, but here are some clips in sign language in case you're interested. Sign language is called "Νοηματική (γλώσσα)" in case you feel like searching for more material on your own.


Great - that's excellent, thanks - it doesn't matter whether it's a film or news but the spoken Greek with Greek subtitles is hugely helpful!


Glad to hear that. The vocabulary isn't exactly what you'd call "digestible", however, so don't beat yourself up.

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