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  5. "Ki fut át a városon, László?"

"Ki fut át a városon, László?"

Translation:Who is running across the city, László?

October 10, 2016



Am I asking Laszlo this question or is it asking if it's Laszlo who's running? Or both?


Probably you are asking Laszlo who is running, but I believe both interpretations are ok.


-------- how about "through " the city ? . . .

Big 6 jan 18


Would "runs across the city" be impossible?


No, that is equally good.


Why do we need the -on suffix on varos? I'm not seeing where it fits in the translation.


város, like all nouns, needs to be in a case. Here it cannot be nominative case (city is not the subject doing the running) nor accusative (the city is not the direct object of fut).

As to choosing -on over other cases, the át-/-on pair seems to translate very closely to the English preposition through (as in the city is between the starting and ending point)


laszlo, "who is running across the town?" is actually more correct than "Who is running across the city, László?" (or town) in english you would put laszlo in front of the question not after...or am i missing something?

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