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  5. "She drinks her milk."

"She drinks her milk."

Translation:Elle boit son lait.

February 8, 2013



How do you know when to use son, ses or sa?


Unlike in English, French possessive adjectives agree with the object possessed, in gender and number.

  • He drinks his milk: il boit son lait
  • He eats her soup: il boit sa soupe
  • He eats his soup: il boit sa soupe


But why can you not say "il boit ses/sa lait" for He drinks his milk? does it still not mean the same?


"lait" is masculine, so you use "son" "soupe" is feminine, so you use "sa" you can use plural "laits" or "soupes" with the matching plural possessive: "ses" (same for feminine and masculine)

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