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"Igen, bűnöző vagyok és nem, nem megyek börtönbe!"

Translation:Yes, I am a criminal and no, I do not go to jail!

October 10, 2016



Yet another Presidential tweet!


When a judge tells a criminal in the courtroom his/her sentence, he says, "You are going to jail for ten years." When a person says, "I am going into the jail," it means he's standing right outside the jail door, and planning to go in through the door to the inside of the jail. If I say, "I am going to the jail," it means that I am going to the jail building, either to work there or to visit my husband, but not to stay in the jail for a punishment. (Just kidding about my husband :-) )


Thank you :-) that sounds quite difficult to me and i wonder how these situations are expressed in Hungarian.


Is INTO prison wrong?


No, it's not okay. In American English we might say "to prison," but "into (the) prison" is the act of walking into a prison.


But that is exactly what happens, when people have to spend some time over there. I cannot understand your answer yet.


why is "I am not going to prison" not accepted?


“Yes I am a criminal and no I am not going to prison” is accepted.

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